Monday, 24 March 2014

How To Save DCU APP's Email Messages To Google Drive

With Google Drive it is very easy to manage files and avoid e-mails going back and forth, everything can be archived automatically into your Drive. But in a broad sense E-mailing is still the most preferred method. There is the option to archive your DCU APP's email but this is a method to save your email messages to your Google Drive.

1) Click on an e-mail. It doesn't matter how many e-mails are included in that message.
2) Click on the print icon. A new window with the print dialogue will open. DCU APPS email will print every message not only the last e-mail you received. Don’t forget to check what you will print.
3) Under destination, click “Change” and choose Google Cloud Print “Save to Google Drive”. The window will close.
5) Click “Save”
6) Go to your Google Drive and your messages will be there as a PDF.


DCU APP's Team

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